Below you will find three different career networking workshops I attended. I decided to attend these workshops because I do believe that these three events will help me advance in my future career. In the events below I talked about what the event was, what I learned and how it will help me in the future. I believe the skills I used in these events was a form of project management. I think project management was used here because I stayed organized during these events, took notes and used it to prepare for my future.

Event 1- “How to Brag About Yourself” Workshop

The first career workshop I attended this semester was on January 26th, the topic was “How to brag About Yourself”, it was a virtual session. This session was offered to us through the career center, where they had a virtual workshop planned. They discussed many topics with us such as what to say to employers, so you are not bragging, what to say when you draw a blank, and how to prepare yourself. We discussed this topic so we would know how to stand out from other candidates, a great skill to know when going through a career path and to help with promotions. We talked about how taking assessments will benefit us and help us to know and understand ourselves better, these assessments can be found on their page. We also discussed how creating a list of our skills, goals, achievements, knowledge, projects and courses will help in interviews. This is like creating a “brag sheet”. We then discussed what kind of things employers look for such as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, etc. We closed the meeting with creating our own lists and looking into future steps such as the career fair.

Overall, I feel like this experience definitely benefited me. I never thought about creating a brag sheet before and that really helped me look at all of my accomplishments and skills. I also never thought about assessments before so learning about that was beneficial as well. I signed up for the career fair and the practice career fair next month because of this event. I do not think I would have done that without this works.

Event 2- Owl Mentor Meetings

Throughout this semester I have been having zoom meetings with other event planners through Owl Mentor. I created an Owl Mentor account on January 13th, where I then connected and messaged with alumni from Kennesaw State University that are now event coordinators. I had my first zoom conversation on February 26th at 2 p.m. I have had three different zoom calls since then from Owl Mentor where I have networked and asked many questions revolving around events. Some of the questions that I asked were: What was your major? How did that major prepare you for events? Did you always want to go into events? How did you get into event planning? What kind of events have you planned? How can I personally get into events? What are some tips or advice you have for someone seeking this career? What are some important skills someone must have? What do you love about your job? What do you not love about your job? What is a typical day like? How do you handle stress? May I stay in touch? I originally planned to talk with all of them for 30 minutes but each meeting ended up being over an hour. They even gave me some of their contacts to talk with. The three mentors I talked with reached out to their contacts on behalf of me and I met with them over zoom as well. I have successfully talked to six event coordinators this semester and have added them onto linkedIn.

Overall, I am very glad I joined owl mentor. I never thought about joining it until this course. I thought having a virtual conversation with someone in the career I aspire to be in would be very beneficial. This taught me a lot about what to expect from the job and where and how I can get my foot in the door. Every single person I talked to had a different view point on their job which made every chat different. After talking to them I am excited to start in this career.

Event 3- Practice virtual career fair and career fair

On March 23rd I attended the virtual career fair. I only attended one session due to the fact that KSU no longer has hospitality. I attended the Walt Disney Company career fair. I was expecting it to be a one on one session just because that is what a career fair normally is but it was actually a group interview session. I still enjoyed the session, they discussed different programs and internships that Disney offers and how you can apply. They also talked about what they look for in applicants. It was a very busy session with around 200 people. The session lasted about 30 minutes so there was not a lot of time for questions. Overall, I did enjoy the experience.However, if I had realized sooner it was an information session I would not have gone just because I already knew so much about it.

Two days before so on March 21st I attended the practice career fair. I asked many questions revolving my resume. People were in the zoom session to answer our questions and let us practice for the real career fair. I also asked questions about what to expect in a career fair. I thought it was very helpful, and I enjoyed both of these experiences.