I used research, facts and opinions to form a blog post all about why you should rescue an animal instead of buying one. I started the blog post off with some facts. I also included some links that were to some dog rescue pages. I talked about my rescue dogs, and why they make my life better. Two skills I used in this blog was knowledge and research. I used my knowledge on rescue animals to create a part of my topic and used research to back up my claims and knowledge of the subject.

The Love A Rescue Dog Brings

My Rescue Dog Lucky

The love that a rescue pet has for their human is nothing like anything else. These abused dogs have been through unimaginable abuse and abandonment which makes them love and appreciate their owners even more. These animals deserve a loving home and family just as much any other living creature. Many animals are killed every single day due to the fact that there are not enough people rescuing animals and not enough room in a shelter. One line that I always live by is “adopt don’t shop”. There are so many depressed, destroyed and sad animals looking for home, why would you want to pay someone to have your pet bred. Breeding hurts the animal, most of the time these people have the same animal bred continuously which causes that animal to suffer, no animal should have to do that. There are also many animals that have shelters directed towards the breed you want right here in the Atlanta area. If you are looking for a mutt, there is Mostly Mutts. If you want a golden Retriever, there is Adopt A Golden Atlanta (where we got our newest dog). Not to mention the Humane society, and many more. According to Do Something.org, only 1 out of 10 animals will find a forever home. That fact truly breaks my heart. So many animals are left with no homes and no love. However, we CAN change that by rescuing animals and not breeding them.

A “Lucky” Dog

Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest passion is animals. No matter what the animal is I will do anything to protect them and advocate for them. I have always had a dog in my life, since the moment I was born. All being rescue dogs. On Christmas morning, when I was five years old our doorbell rang. I went running to the door and sitting on our front porch was a tiny little mutt puppy. I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was the day I was given my very first puppy, a dog I will cherish in my heart forever. I remember begging and begging, it was the only thing I wanted. He was a rescue dog. His mom, brother and he were found underneath a truck at a gas station, until a nice woman brought them into a shelter and Koda Bear was brought into my life. A few years later on Father’s Day we were introduced to another little puppy, an adorable big Maltese. A puppy that we fell head over heels in love with and brought him home that day. We named him Coconut. Coconut is a very tough topic to write about because he died right before Covid-19. It truly is still an open wound, one that I do not think will ever end. Coconut died on January 21st, 2020 and the craziest thing about that is Koda died exactly four years before Coconut did, on the same date. Both of those dogs had a story, being rescue dogs neither of them had a great life before being placed with my family. Koda was abandoned and left on the streets until a nice woman saved them. Coconut was in the pound and then taken and put into a mall store where he spent his first nine months crammed in a crate. It broke my heart; he had been there the longest and had two weeks left before he would have been euthanized. It makes me so upset to even think about his story because he was one of the cutest dogs I had ever seen, yet they never bathed him or cut his hair, so he looked “gross”, and everyone wanted the “cuter” dogs. Lucky for me, that is how we ended up with him.

If this is not the cutest picture you have ever seen, you’re “lion”.

I am going to share with you guys how amazing and truly life changing it is to give a rescue dog a loving home. Now I know that sounds cheesy, saying life changing, but I really mean it. We changed a dog’s life and they changed ours. Right before my dog Coconut died my family started looking for a new dog to help lessen the pain for when he was gone and because we thought having another dog would help Coconut. We spent many months looking at shelters, we did not want to adopt the first dog we saw because if they were not the perfect fit then that could be bad. (Most dogs in the shelter end up back in the shelter due to people choosing the “wrong” dog or wrong time). We decided the perfect dog for our family would be a golden retriever, so we started looking at Adopt a Golden Atlanta. We went through their application process of filling out an application, having a phone interview, followed by a home interview which took about a month tops to get through the process. We went and visited many of the dogs to see which ones we loved, and of course I fell in love with all of them. Sadly, we did not adopt all of them. About a week or so after Coconut died, we received a call about one golden that would be a perfect fit, his name was “Crosby”, and he was found roaming the spice market of Istanbul, Turkey.  In Turkey it is a status symbol to adopt a purebred golden and once they lose their “cute” phase they just abandon them on the streets. There are hundreds of goldens wandering the streets defenseless. Anyone who has a golden knows they are unable to fend for themselves. Many have destroyed teeth due to the fact that they eat rocks, they are taken to get neutered and put back on to the streets. However, many rescue places in America raise money to go to Turkey (and now even many other countries) and rescue as many as they can and bring them back to America to find loving homes. After my parents met him a few times they decided he was the one for us. We knew he was the perfect match because his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and Koda and Coconut also had holiday birthdays, we just knew it was meant to be. We named him Lucky due to his birthday and he was one of the lucky ones being rescued and brought to America.

He had made major improvements over the last few months, he went from being very shy and skittish, to confident and fun loving. You can tell he had a sad and hard life because he is scared of people coming towards him, he is afraid of runners and bikers, and has really bad abandonment issues. We have had him for a year exactly this past week (first week of March) and he still gets very stressed when we are not in the same room as him. He has come a long way, loves long car rides, swimming, playing with his toys and morning walks. Seeing the transition from a sad and scared boy to a healthy and loving boy truly makes the difference. All dogs deserve a home and love so why not give it to a shelter dog?

The greatest part about rescue organizations is that if you are unable to fully commit to adopting a dog you can volunteer at any shelter whether it is walking, feeding or playing with them. You are still showing these dogs or other animals some love and attention. You can also foster an animal so they can stay in a warm house instead of a cage in the shelter. There are many things you can do to help a rescue dog (or animal), you will not just be changing their life, but also your life.

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