This past semester has taught me a lot of things, like time management, adapting to new environments and how to go with the flow. This course specifically has taught me how to become a writer and how every major needs writing. This course has taught me how to work with technology especially during a pandemic such as zoom, as well as how create my own website. Never would I have imagined putting together my own website and creating a favicon. It has been a new and eye-opening experience. I am not a writer in any means, but this course has taught me that everyone is a writer. Putting together this portfolio has been a long, yet rewarding experience. I love having a place that I can go to and see all my work showcased. I love having my own URL link that I can make my own.

When I think back throughout this semester, I think about some of my marketable skills, and what I have done throughout the semester. One of the biggest skills I have showcased is collaboration. Not a single piece that is displayed on my webpage was done by just me but was edited by my peers in my content creation groups. This was where we took time once a week to edit each other’s work and offer feedback. Being in a content design team helped with my collaboration and how to offer feedback as well as receive it.

Another skill that is showcased on my website is communication. Throughout five weeks of the course, we worked on an informational interview. This was where we found someone who worked in the career we wanted to pursue and talked with them about their job. I chose someone who owned her own event company that worked with nonprofits. I learned a lot about the weekly job, the skills required and what to expect. This is where communication was shown because I had to work with someone else and transform their job and lessons into a paper. It was very beneficial for me, I enjoyed talking to someone who has the same career that I want.

Integrity is also shown throughout the entire blog page. In every single article I quote when I use someone else’s words as well as write down the sources I got that information from. Integrity is one of the most important skills you can have. If you do not have integrity who would want you to work with them? I take pride in my integrity and that is demonstrated on this portfolio.

I have shown research skills on my cruelty-free infographic. This was an infographic all about cruelty-free cosmetics and why someone should switch to cruelty-free, a lot of research was involved to find data and back up my claims. This infographic stated that “More than 500,000 animals per year die for our cosmetics” (find sources in infographic). It also went through the differences between the cruelty-free logo brands and how to know which logos to trust. Doing research for this topic was very valuable. I learned how to back up my claims as a writer and research a topic that I am passionate about which is animals.

Another skill that I have continued to display in my blog is the hands on learning skill. I have displayed this throughout my resume, LinkedIn and elevator pitch. All three of these links have shown what my past experiences have been like through jobs and internships. My internships have helped guide me to the career I want to be in. They demonstrate how passionate I am about my future career in the hospitality and event coordinating field.

I have enjoyed my time in this course and putting together this portfolio. I know these skills I have learned will take my far in life.